Cottage Core Summer Engagement Session featuring a Vintage Convertible

If you haven't heard of The Baumberhof in Oklahoma City yet, it's time you do. This beautiful little estate made its way onto my dream venue list after an afternoon taking photos here.

The Baumberhof is a German-inspired venue just north of Oklahoma City. It's on a few hundred acres of trees and grassland. It was the perfect location for the 21st century cottage core vibe. I had the opportunity to get creative here with this freaking ADORABLE and madly in love couple. Shoutout to the talented Melissa Marshall for swinging this one.

We started out strong with cuddles on the top floor loft. The vaulted ceilings with all around windows brought in the early afternoon light beautifully, and highlighted the couple's radiance. Ruth wore an easy white linen jumpsuit paired with a soft neutral headscarf. Cottage-y and cute without being straight up Little House on the Prairie. Meanwhile, Phillip wore a white linen button down which complemented her vibe. These two are obviously in love and I love how laid-back and comfortable they were just being themselves.

Of course, when there's not a cloud in the sky and you have acres of grassland for a cottage core shoot, you gotta take advantage right? We made the trek outside and got some gorgeous portraits you can recreate anywhere you have a blue sky and some pretty grass, Baumberhof not necessarily required (but a plus!). I mean come on, just look at them!

We finished the afternoon getting to shoot with a 1969 Cutlass Convertible. Now, I'm not a car girl by any means (I may or may not have had to look up what kind of car this was), but everyone can appreciate a vintage car like this one. Not to mention the ivy covered barn sitting pretty in the background... Are we in Europe or down the road from a Seven Eleven? Who knows!

Often when we think of engagement shoots, we think about dressing up formally and making the ring and big smiles the focus of the session. Here, we can see how a chill, but clearly in love couple gives a genuine and fairytale-like feeling to this session. This was such a memorable shoot & I absolutely loved capturing these photos and I can't wait to come back in Europe. OKC I mean. Hehe!

male and female couple cuddling on a bed in a wooden loft with large windows
couple holding hands walking through a field

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styling melissa marshall

venue the baumberhof

makeup chelsey ann artistry

car getaway cars OKC